Our mission

We combine high quality services and an outstanding customer experience based on a corporate culture with strong social, economic and environmental values.

For us, a nice and clean home is the key to a happier everyday life. Both for you as a customer and for our employees.

Make people happy

We want to contribute a warm and caring feeling. We do this by creating the best conditions for a well-functioning everyday and for special, joyful moments. Both for you as a customer and for our employees.

We work hard for better jobs

Our cleaners are our superheroes. Therefore, we offer good development opportunities, including internal language training, an international social network and social activities that build relationships in different ways.

Best company in the world

It's not enough to be the world's best cleaning company. We want to be the world's best company. For us, success means that we actively work with and measure the results of satisfied and happy customers and employees and impact on society.

Social Responsibility

When we clean, we do it with care about our nature, therefore we use only Swan labeled and opaque detergents. Because we care - about you, our cleaners and the environment.


We work hard for better jobs

We ensure that our employees grow, develop and get the support they need from the first gig. Collective agreements are a matter of course and we strive to always do better. Our staff have permanent employment and are trained in our own premises.

Freska and the environment

Cleaning should not harm the environment. Therefore, we use exclusively environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe both for the planet and for our cleaners.

Garanterad kund- och medarbetarn├Âjdhet

Let our customers and cleaner tell you more about what makes them happy.

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